The OKULO BROWN 8 (OKU-AS-BR8) is the ideal platform for cataract surgery simulation. Practice rhexis and phaco skills with the cataract lens module (OKU-LNS-CAT). Practice toric IOL or CTR implantation with our empty bag module (OKU-LNS-EB). Practice scleral fixation of IOLs through its flexible sclera. In addition, it’s pigmented angle allows training in gonioscopy skills and even implantation of piercing-type MIGS devices.

OKULO BR8 Anterior Segment (OKU-AS-BR8) is compatible with our MINI-HOLDER and AVH HOLDER.

OKULO COMPLETE (OKU-C-BR8) is a whole globe configuration, pre-assembled with a posterior segment for use with FLEX-ORBIT and ROMANO head.